July 8th - July 12th - Our hospital stay

Dear Lucy B,

The first 5 days of your life we were at Providence St. Joseph's hospital in Burbank. Because of all the complications you had at birth, you had to stay in the NICU for 5 days and we had to stay in the Mother/Baby unit. So every 2 -3 hours, we went down to see you and feed you. 

Every time we arrived, either your Dad or I would change your diaper, take your temperature, and then feed you. You were on IV fluids and had monitors attached over your whole body - making sure you were ok 24/7. You also had a wonderful team of nurses that checked on you whenever we weren't able to be there.

Since I had to be in recovery the entire day after you were born, I wasn't able to be with you until July 9th. Our first real meeting, I was able to feed you with the breast milk I had pumped the day before. 

Your Dad had been able to see you more on your first day in this world, but he hadn't been able to hold you, so this was his first time with you in his arms. 

You cuddled up in my arms after one of the first times I breastfed you

Our first family photo...

You pooped all down the front of me right before this picture was taken, and it looks like you are plugging your nose wondering who was going to clean up the mess

Uncle Colby's first time holding you. Unfortunately, you were ready to eat, so you got a little upset while waiting for your food :). Uncle Colby was thrilled to get to hold you even if it was just for a few minutes, though. 


The whole time we were at the hospital we had the most amazing nurses helping us every step of the way. We split our time between pumping breastmilk in the mother/baby unit (where our room was) and feeding and spending time with you in the NICU. As hard as it was to not be with you every second, we were so grateful to have such amazing care, and know that we wouldn't leave the hospital until everyone was sure you were 100%.

You were the darling of the NICU - sweet and calm. Everyone wanted to be on your watch. You recovered so quickly, and you were so alert and attentive from the day you were born. 

You were so loved right from the start. So many family and friends called and messaged us all to make sure that you were doing great. Everyone wanted minute by minute updates and pictures. With your spiky brown hair, button nose, and piercing blue eyes, you captivated us all.

Love always,
-Your Momma