July 8th, 2017 - your "birth" day

Dear Lucy B,

Your estimated due date was July 1st, 2017 and everyone was excitedly anticipating your arrival. I was so pregnant I could barely get around and was so ready to meet you and see your little face. Two days before you were born we had a doctor's appointment and I was told that labor was nowhere near to happening. We talked at length about inducing labor, but wanted to give you a few more days to come out on your own.

I also was trying every natural method in the book to help the process along ;). I ate dates, drank pineapple smoothies, got acupuncture, went on a few long walks... and by the early next evening, Friday, July 7th, I started to feel back pain that came in waves. It started off slowly, but quickly progressed. I let your dad know that I thought labor was beginning and he rushed home to us. By the time he got home, I was in full on labor and barely able to stand the pain. Contractions were coming every 4-5 minutes all through my back and the pain was so intense it was making me physically sick. Your dad was amazing - coaching me through every breath, cleaning up behind me, and just letting me hold on to him for dear life as the pain got more intense.

After about 7 hours, we finally left for the hospital to get an epidural. 

At the hospital they told us that I was 4cm dilated, 80% effaced, but every time I was having a contraction, your heart rate was dropping. We were hoping that the epidural would put me in less distress and help do the same for you. 

After the epidural kicked in, your dad and I tried to get some rest while we waited for labor to progress. The only problem was that every time I was on any side but my left, your heart rate was dropping substantially. So they kept me on my left side and kept monitoring us, hoping that you would keep moving down the birth canal.

Around 7am on July 8th, the nurse came in and said that you were no longer doing well on the left side and they needed to flip me a different direction. They tried to put me on my back and my right side and your heart rate was not improving, so they had to essentially flip me upside down. Your heart rate improved then, but that was now stopping the birthing process. 

The nurse left to call our doctor and a few minutes later she came in and said we needed to do an emergency C section right then, the doctor was on his way, and we needed to prep me immediately. It was all very overwhelming, but we wanted to make sure you were ok, so within minutes I was in the OR with your dad right next to me.

We waited to hear your cry, and the second we heard that sound, your father and I burst into tears. It was the best sound we'd ever heard - knowing you were ok and we were going to meet you so soon.  

You were born at 8:21am on July 8th, 2017. You were 6lbs 4oz and 19inches. 

Unfortunately, you had the cord wrapped around your neck when you were in the womb, so every time I had a contraction it was like a noose around your neck. I also had almost no amniotic fluid left and when you were in distress you had your first poop in the womb - which was coating you head to toe and you had aspirated on it. The pediatric team rushed to you to suction out your lungs and work on getting you breathing again. As soon as they finished, they took you out of the room to continue working on you in the NICU. 

This was the first picture your dad took of you as you left the OR.

You dad left with you and they finished surgery on me. I had to wait 90 minutes after the surgery before I could come see you, but your dad and Uncle Colby visited you and kept you company while I recovered.

Uncle Colby was SO excited to meet you. He had been hoping from the day he found out you were coming in July that your birthday would be July 8th - the same day as his birthday. Now you two will always share this special day.

Your dad and Uncle Colby the day you were born 💕

Your dad with you in the NICU
Uncle Colby meeting you for the first time
After 90 minutes of recovery, they finally let me come and meet you. They rolled me down to the NICU, put our beds at the same level and let me hold your hand. Every time I look at this picture it makes me tear up. I was so happy to meet you and know that you were ok. I love you so much, my sweet little Lucy. 

Momma & Lucy's first picture together

I wasn't able to be with you for more than 10 minutes that first day, but those 10 minutes were so special. The rest of the day your daddy went back and forth between me and you and took tons of pictures so I could keep seeing you. We also had a camera that we could watch 24/7 of you in your NICU bed. 

Some more pics from your birth day, July 8th 2017:


Love always, 
~Your Momma