July 12th - Coming Home

Dear Lucy B,

We took you home from the hospital on Wednesday, July 12th. It took us almost all day to get both of us discharged and ready to go.

While we were waiting to get the all clear to take you home, we had the opportunity to do a little photo shoot with you. We put you in a tiny pair of jean shorts (which were too big) and a little white shirt and took a few photos before we left the hospital.


We loaded you up in your car seat (after spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out how to get you into it) and drove *very slowly* home :).


Your Grandma Robin and Mikey were waiting for us all when we got to our house and they were SO excited to meet you. 

As was your big brother, Pee Wee... :) 

We were told we needed to give you your first bath that night... only when we got home, our hot water was out!! So we heated up the water on the stove and tried our best to get you cleaned up. You were not thrilled. (Luckily, we got better at baths, and you already like them a lot more).


And finally, we swaddled you up (which we soon learned was not your favorite way to sleep) and tried to settle in for our first night at home. I'm pretty sure your Dad and I didn't sleep at all that first night, but we were sure grateful to have you home 💗

Love always,
-Your Momma