Meeting Your Great Grandmother “Nanny” and Great Aunt Linda (Letter from Grandma Robin)

September 23, 2017
Dear Lucy,
It’s been almost two months since I last saw you, and my you have grown.  Your cheeks are full and rosy and your smiles light up the room.
Once again I just couldn’t help myself, a white dress trimmed in black/peach with a toucan on it and a matching straw hat.  You embraced the attention with smiles and grace.  The pictures tell all.

You met my mother, your mother’s grandmother, your great grandmother and my sister, your mother’s aunt, your great aunt Linda.

So let me introduce you to your Nanny.  As far back as I can remember she loved to read.  She taught me to read before I went to school (for which I am forever grateful).  I remember learning to read with pictures cut out from magazines and glued into a notebook and later discovering the world of Dr. Seuss. I think we had a Dr. Seuss book of the month club, it was always fun to get a package in the mail.  So, I also came to love reading and books.  Once in grade school I was so excited about a book called Caddie Woodlawn, Nanny read it too.   Today, we still share that bond of reading through mystery books, and especially cookbooks!   Yes, we love to cook too.
Your great Aunt Linda, is the most avid reader of us all.  Science fiction, mysteries, historical, I think she reads everything except for the cookbooks!  No, she does not like to cook.  One of her favorite books, the ugly duckling we read to you this weekend.  
It was really enjoyable for us all to sit back and listen as your animated mother read some of the old classics along with new favorites to you this weekend.  But the true highlight was watching you as you looked back and forth between the pictures in the book and looking at your mother as she read to you.
To you dear Lucy we pass down the love of reading.
Till next time,

Love Grandma