Lucy - Month 2

Dear Lucy B,

While your first month was all about family visits and learning the basics of each other, your second month was all about you and me together. Both sides of family had to return to work, Daddy was working full time, and you and I had the place to ourselves!

I'm not going to lie, the first couple days were a little tough. I didn't know your signals yet, and you could only communicate with me through tears. But very quickly, we learned a lot about each other, and as soon as I really listened to you, you taught me just how to care for you. 

That's not to say that there weren't tough days or endless things I didn't know or understand, but it is such a joy to be your mom that the downs were insignificant compared to the ups.

Your second month, you lost all your top hair and broke out in baby acne! So, you looked like a sweet balding old man with teenage acne. But, as your Daddy likes to say, "you never lost your confidence!" And you were still ridiculously cute albeit a little funny looking. ;)

We worked hard on tummy time and it showed! By the end of the month, you had so much neck strength and you were already rolling from front to back. I thought you learned to roll so fast to escape tummy time... 

We read so many books this month. You were an avid listener right from the beginning and reading books and singing songs became our favorite pastime.

We also started our baby dates in Month 2! You got to know Rylan, a friend you have had since you were in my belly. He will hopefully always be in your life, and I love that you are getting to know him and his wonderful mommy. You also got to play with baby Scarlett, who is just a week and a half older than you! It's been so wonderful to share new motherhood with other new moms. 

And the biggest milestone of all happened this month - SMILES! The sweetest smile I've ever seen came out this month and it's only been getting better and better. 

Each month with you is my favorite month.  

We definitely had a couple rough days...

And you always voiced your opinion

Baby Playdates!

Rylan in his "I Love Lucy" onesie ;) 
Taking care of both the babies!
Your first date.

Scarlett and Lucy in matching outfits!
Another sweet playdate with Scarlett. 
Daddy & Mommy time:
Daddy giving you the bottle. 

Sometimes on really sleepy mornings, I would put you up in bed and rest you on Daddy. 

You used to take SO long to take a bottle. You'd fall asleep before you finished. 

Always so suspicious! 

Uncle Colby date!

Always the best expressions. 

Our first brunch date with the whole crew. 

Reading time!

Working hard on that tummy time!

Month of first smiles!