Lucy's First Bath! (Letter from Grandma Robin)

Dear Lucy,

You would think bath time would be simple.  But your very first bath was quite an ordeal. It took a few days to coordinate the day, so the kitchen sink was clean and all around the sink was cleared.  Then, coordinate the time between feeding and diaper changing.   Next, your mother and I prepped the area with a big soft towel on the counter top, another towel to wrap you in.  A stack of wash cloths, no tears soap, a baby bath seat, a plan on who would do what.  Your mother undressed you while I made sure the water temperature was just right.  She then gently laid you in the bath seat and worked quickly to wash and soap you.  I kept the warm water running to keep you wet and warm and reached in occasionally to slide you back up on the seat.   It was all going very successfully, we thought ….. Until you puckered up your lower lip and your little chin began to quiver.   Mom and Grandma looked at each other, and we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  So we laughed, rinsed you off and cuddled you up in a nice warm towel and said “Lucy, before you know it you’re going to love bath time”.  

Love Grandma