Letter from your Grandma (Robin)


Dear Lucy,

I am your mother's mother, your Grandma.  On the day you were born, your father called very early that morning, to let us know you were on your way.  And what does this grandma do when there is nothing to do but wait - she bakes and cooks.  In between updates I made six batches of soup,  3 batches of muffins and who knows what else.  Waiting for the first pictures of you.   Those big eyes that seem to say "I'm here!"  You came into this world letting us all know in no uncertain terms you are a survivor. Which by the way, I would not expect anything less, coming from a long line of strong women.  Once I heard your mother's voice I knew then everything would be okay.

We met for the first time the day you came home from the hospital. You were five days old and very small  and so precious.  It was enough just to sit and gaze at your sweet little face. The reality of it was that you were hungry every two hours, and diapers were changed before, after and in between, which kept your mom and dad very busy and very tired.  As Grandma, I got to pick out your outfit (or outfits) each day.  I rocked you and sang to you when your mom needed to shower or catch a nap and your dad was at work.  I could only sing to you when it was just you, me and pee wee as I don't really sing well.  i think you enjoyed it.

In the weeks that followed that first day, I watched your parents, sleep deprived and full of love trying to be the best parents any child could hope for.  To have a mother who is compassionate and beautiful from the inside out and a father who is sentimental and kind hearted, you are truly blessed .  And I am blessed to be your grandmother, to watch with anticipation as each picture captures your smiles, laughs and looks of wonder . I so  look forward to each visit as you grow, discover and become your own unique self.

Love Grandma